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Maytag Washing Machines Repair

Know More about Maytag Washing Machines

If there is one name that stands out in the world of household appliances, it has to be Whirlpool. This company happens to be one of the top makers of top-quality household washing machines and dryers and they have held this honor for several generations. Not only do they manufacture some of the sturdiest and most cutting edge washers and dryers but they also have a most extensive range of other household appliances to boot. From air conditioners to refrigerator, to trash compactors and electric fans, they have it all and they always keep functionality and quality in mind. Maytag appliances mean business and their objective is to  provide homeowners with all the appliances they need to make accomplishing everyday household tasks that much easier.

Dryers and washing machines manufactured by Maytag are help in high-regard by homeowners because they live up to the company promise of producing machines that are durable and reliable. Their washers and dryers do nor break down easily and when taken care of properly, they can even last generations of heavy use. They have come up with a lot of washer models throughout the years and their front-load ones happen to have quite the following. Their washing machines are not the cheapest around but homeowners, or really just about anyone who invests in these machines, really get value for their money. Compared to cheaper and untested brands in the market, their washers and dryers have been tested and proven not just by their own facilities but by homeowners who prefer these high-performance washers over anything else.

Front-load washers may be all the rage now and certainly there is no shortage of people who invest in front-load Maytag washers, Maytag has so many other washers to offer. After all, they like to make sure they have something for everyone.  Despite the fact their washers come in all shapes and sizes, they all come with one promise and that is to give users the best washing results at all times.

Why opt for Maytag washers?

The washers they produce come in different models so shoppers can choose to go for the front- or top-load washers and all models are available in a variety load capacities. The model you choose just depends on the user’s preferences so when shopping for one, best take into account the amount of laundry to be washed and electricity use as well.

Their washers come with user-friendly control panels that allow users to have complete control over their washing preferences. Buyers may choose machines that come with electronic controls or rotary dials that are used to control wash and spin cycles. Shoppers takers note: different models come with different wash cycles and some machines come with only 5 wash cycles while others may have as many as 10.

Their washers also come with a special washing system that ensures all the clothes put in them for cleaning come out clean sans any and all stains. This makes the whole washing process so much more efficient and this is why users prefer this brand for their washers.

Maintaining washers

Indeed, these washers come with durability and reliability that is unparalleled by any other washer brand in the market. But just like any other household appliance, they need to be properly taken care of for them to last and not fall into disrepair. Maytag washers come with a full set of usage and maintenance instructions so maintaining them should be easy enough. They also come with warnings of what not to do to avoid damaging the washing systems and the clothes that are put in them. All the same though, it is important to remember the basics of washing to avoid any unfortunate mishaps with the washer and the clothes.

Calling for repairs

Sometimes, despite the users’ best intentions, there are just times when machines break down. There are many reasons for even the most reliable washers to break down and it cannot all be blamed to the user and the manufacturer. Sometimes, it could just be plain bad luck but whatever the cause may be, it is very important to call in qualified washer repair services to handle the repair of the washers. They may cost just a tad but more but at least you can be sure your  washing machine is in good hands.

When looking for repairmen, it is best to call on the ones that are sent by the company that made the washer because they know all the fine points about fixing such a machine. There is a reason why these washers are top of the line after all and someone who doesn’t know how to fix them may do more harm than good.

If you find your machine is acting up and isn’t quite doing its job properly, you should not hesitate to call on professional washer repair service providers because they can take care of your little problem in a jiffy. Besides, you may even get to use the warranty provided by the manufacturer so you will not have to spend much.

Washer repair service experts will make sure your washer gets back in tip top form and once again, you can enjoy the same performance you got when the washer was brand new.

  • Efficient washing- your machine will be in top shape so you can look forward to freshly-washed laundry that have zero signs of spots and stains once more. Washers that need repair may become inefficient but let the washer repair person do his job and you will be amazed at the results of his work.
  • Lower electricity consumption- when all is not well with your washer, it may work harder than usual to make up for the problem and this means more electricity used which translates to more expensive electricity bills.
  • No odd noises- washers do make a bit of noise but when it starts making funny noises, you know something is wrong. Having it repaired will get rid of any strange noises and allow you to once again do your laundry in relative silence.

In case you live in Orange County, CA you can always use D&V Appliance Repair for any Maytag Washer repair services. We specialize in repairing Maytag washers and washers of other brands such as Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool and many many others. We also provide repair service for refrigerators, dryers, ranges, ovens, ice makers and freezers. Visit our web-site for more information.



Dryer: troubleshooting and repair.

A clothes dryer or  tumble dryer  is a household appliance that is used to remove moisture from a load of clothing and other textiles.  We use dryer in our everyday lives along with a washer and don’t pay much attention to them until something breaks down or start to multifunction.

Here are tips on some problems which can occur with dryers.  You may still need to hire an appliance repair company, but if the problem is minor you can probably fix it by yourself.

Depending on the age of the appliance and complexity of the problem you may also consider replacing your dryer with a new unit. According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, the life expectancy of a dryer is 13 years.

How your dryer works.

How does a dryer work? The drum part of the dryer tumbles the clothing so that at any given time some articles of clothing are suspended in mid-air for a moment as they fall from top to bottom in the drum. Then hot air is injected via a gas burner or heating coils. The hot air is passed through the material as it falls, releasing moisture in the form of vapor or stem. The blower then sucks the moisture-laden air out of the drum, and pushes it into the exhaust vent to the outside of the house.

Most common dryer problems:

Slow drying

If the flow of air is interrupted or stopped, the clothes will not dry, because the moisture is trapped inside the drum. If you complaint is slow drying of your clothes then you should check the vent first.

If you have the accordion or flexible type vent, then check it for kinks or other obstructions. It it is too long, with too many curves or los places where ling and moisture can gather, the best thing you can do is remove it, clean it and cut it to the proper length. If you have the rigid type also check it for proper airflow. Clean it if necessary. To check for proper airflow go to the outside of the house and find the exhaust hood. Feel the air coming out of it. It should be a fairly strong flow of air. If it is weak then refer to the above. REMEMBER, all of the air must pass through the lint screen, so be sure to clean it, AFTER EVERY LOAD. And never pull the ling screen out when the dryer is running. The ling could be sucked down the chute into the blower. If that happens you may need someone to take it apart and clean it. If your lint screen is located inside the door, you should check the chute (the place where the screen fits) for ling accumulations. If the screen is full of fine lint and won’t come off, use a soft brush to clean it. Use water if necessary to aid in cleaning the screen. Remember, the better the air flow, the better the clothes will dry.

Dryer won’t start

First make sure the door is closed tightly, re-check the controls and try again. If it still will not start then check to see if you have power. With a gas dryer you can plug a lamp or other device into the outlet to see if it is working. If you don’t have any power, check the fuse or circuit breaker. On an electric dryer you need two fuses or circuit breakers to make it operate. Replace both fuses and try again. If you have circuit breaker then look for a double breaker switch, turn them to OFF, re-set them and try again.

Usually if you have a no-start condition, you have one or more of the following problems, a bad timer, a bad door switch on the newer dryers, an open thermal fuse. A thermal fuse is what prevents the dryer from overheating. It is telling you that you have a plugged vent or other problem.

In this case you will have to call a professional appliance repair service. Before calling professionals you can also check your service manual for additional hints.

Washer and Dryer combination

If you own a combined unit, that is a washer/dryer all in one, then you have a special problem. The blowers on some combination units are unusually weak. The airflow is not as strong as on a free-standing dryer. They require a very short vent to dry properly. If you live in an apartment or condo, check the length of the vent. If it is too long, the drying time will be extended. Most of the dryers in a condo or apartment are not on an outside wall and the vents are usually longer to reach the outside. Most manufactures of dryers recommend no more than 20 feet in the vent system.

Hint.If you want to check to see if the vent is a fault, remove the vent from the dryer and let the dryer vent into the room while running. It may get a little uncomfortable for a while, but if it gets very hot and humid in the room, you will know the dryer is working and the vent is blocked. If the dryer still doesn’t dry, the vent is probably okay and the dryer is defective and needs service.


gas range burners

Gas range repair tips

Gas range repair tips

Many of the most common problems with modern appliances are the result of faulty installation which may not be recognized until after the warranty had expired. Other problems develop from a lack of normal maintenance on certain appliances. Most appliances today are technologically advanced and are hard to understand for repair purposes. Even the directions for how to use them sometimes confusing. A well-trained technician can explain the ins and outs of using and programming most appliances. If you don’t understand how to do the programmings then call for a qualified technician.

The gas range is another appliance that has become technologically advanced in recent years. Many of the control are electronic and hard to diagnose. It takes a lot of training to properly diagnose and repair many of the new models.

Before buying a gas range in the store ask the sales person to show you how to operate it, what all of the control are for, are the written operation instruction easy to follow. Also ask about the warranty. What is covered and for how long. Take as much time as you need before you buy. Make sure you understand how to operate it. And ask yourself if you need to extra control, or gadgets. Make sure you will be satisfied with your new appliance before you make you purchase. That is, make sure it meets you need. Caution: Price alone should not be the major criteria when purchasing your appliance. Ask whether the store services the merchandise it sells. Always try to go to a dealer that has a good reputation and one that provides parts and services. If you must have your appliance repaired, call a service company with a good reputation. Chances are you will get good, honest and guaranteed service. When in doubt about the reputation of any company, call your local Better Business Bureau first.

Most common gas range issues and simple solutions:

Gas range burners won’t light

If you have the electronic ignition and it does not spark when you turn the knob, then check the outlet to be sure you have power to the range. Plug a lamp or a toaster in to see if it works. Power is OK? When you cleaned your range the last time did you remove the knobs and the cams under the knobs? If you did, then check to see if you put the cams back on the wrong way. If you did, the igniter can’t work. Remember how they go back on so you will not have the problem in the future. If you can hear the spark then the knob is turned but the burner won’t ignite, you most likely have a pilot hole plugged up. Remove the burner and look real closely on the side towards the spark unit and look for a small holes or orifice. If it is plugged up, then clean it very carefully. Do not use a toothpick because it could break off inside the hole, or orifice. Instead use a straight pin or needle. Wash it out with soap and water, dry it completely, then re-install the burner and try again. If you have a standing pilot and the burner won’t ignite, clean the burner as described above.

Oven won’t come on

First check the outlet (as described above). Got power? Check the clock setting and follow directions for manual operation. It should come on. If not you may need appliance repair service, as an igniter or sensor may be bad.

If you must call for service, than have the stove top clean and everything out of the oven. Give the service technician plenty of rooms to work and have it reasonable clean.  Make sure you follow these advices to choose quality appliance repair company in you area.

gas rangegas range burners


Refrigerator repair services

Refrigerator repair services

It is usually incredibly tense to find your home appliance broken; nevertheless having you refrigerator breakdown is usually a complete problem, especial if you just recently filled it up with a week food supply.

Firstly, if the refrigerator isn’t running in any way, ensure that this is not a power problem attributable to harmed outlet, harmed power cord and even blackout. In the event you observe that the electro-mechanical network is not a problem, check your temperature adjustments, it’s also necessity to check if there is adequate room intended for airflow between the wall and the freezer, and just be sure you didn’t leave the door of the freezer wide open for extended period of time. Even if the door ended up being closed properly, there might be an issue with door seal, which often can allow the cold out. We never recommend trying to fix your freezer in by yourself. A number of areas of the freezer tend to be incredibly vulnerable which enables it to be effortlessly harmed; furthermore, if you try to access hidden refrigerator parts without unplugging your freezer you can injure yourself by electric shock.

We always suggest to find a better way instead of repairing refrigerator yourself and call  a professional repair company.  While waiting for a repair man, please don’t do anything with the unit, don’t unplug it and leave it as it was when you first noticed the problem. It will help our technician to diagnose the problem better and find a solution to it faster.

Most common refrigerator  problems we repair:

  • cleaning the condenser coils
  • fixing defrost heater problems
  • compressor repair/compressor replacement
  • heating pump replacement
  • charging Freon
  • Fuse and switches replacements
  • Condenser replacement
  • Stop Leaking

We repair all types and brand of refrigerators. Refrigerator repair is our specialty. We repair all major refrigerator brands as:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Frigidaire
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • KitchenAid
  • Electrolux
  • Bosch
  • Cuisinart
  • Hotpoint
  • Kalorik
  • Keystone
  • Magic Chef
  • Maytag
  • Summit
  • Vinotemp
  • Viking
  • Thermador
  • Sub-Zero
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • JennAir
  • Frigidaire
  • Bosch
  • Amana

Our technicians are factory trained and aware of all innovations in refrigerators market.  With 50 years of experience combined we can assure you that your refrigerator will be fixed fast.

Call us today at 714-204-3140 or schedule an appointment on-line appointment online to get 10% discount on your entire repair cost.