Thermador Appliances Overview.

Thermador was founded back in 1916 by William E. Cranston. Initially, their main products were built-in as well as portable heaters. It was in 1932, however, when the appliance manufacturing line of Thermador began when Cranston merged with H.H. Fogwell. Together, they established the Thermador Electric Manufacturing Company.

In the history of appliance manufacturing, Thermador was the company which invented the first wall oven as well as cook top, and they also introduced using stainless steel for home appliances to homemakers. Come 1948, they were able to introduce their Pro Range product for residential use. In the 1970s, they still continued to introduce firsts in the appliance industry such as the first ever “smooth top” cooktop and the “speedcooking” oven. Today, they still manufacture a range of kitchen appliances with improved features.

Thermador manufactures appliances under three main categories: cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashers. Under the cooking category, they have ranges of different sizes, rangetops and cooktops for modern kitchens in need of smaller appliances, different kinds of ovens for different cooking purposes, wall hoods and ventilation, microwaves, built-in coffee machines, and warming drawers.

They also produce different kinds of refrigerators which have bottom freezers, column structures, side-by-side refrigerators, and their own models of wine refrigerators. For dishwashing, they have different dishwashing models you can choose from based on your kitchen size and dishwashing needs.

The variety of kitchen appliances they offer makes Thermador a great choice for kitchen appliances if you want consistency in the quality of the appliances you choose to invest on.

The Pros and Cons of Using Thermador

All appliance manufacturers have their pros and cons—the latter leading to the need for appliance repair services. Generally, Thermador appliances cost quite a lot and one of the cons when considering buying their appliances is the budget. If money is no problem, however, the only other disadvantage you may have to deal with is finding quality Thermador appliance repair when one of your Thermador appliances breaks down.

Thermador is known to produce powerful burners, and they even have deals where you buy a burner from a certain price range and you will also get a dishwasher for free. The same goes for some of their refrigerator offers where they add in a free hood for you. Compared to appliances under the Wolf and Sub-Zero brand, Thermador can help you save some money, but it is still more expensive than most other appliances. Although there were some reliability issues for Thermador in the past, they have updated their models and all units are meticulously made to help avoid the need for appliance repair.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Thermador Appliance Repair

Generally, Thermador products are durable and easy to maintain, but after a while, these problems may be observed and the need for appliance repair services may be present. To avoid these problems, here are some general appliance maintenance tips:

  • Read the manual especially for temperature control tips and use. Sometimes, properly adjusting the temperature may be the key to making your appliances work longer in good condition.
  • Make sure your power outlets are properly functioning to avoid sparks, short circuits, or power supply interruption which may cause damage to your appliance’s more sensitive parts.
  • Regularly clean your appliances to avoid grime and substance buildup, which may affect its overall performance. If you are having a hard time cleaning appliances such as the refrigerator or dishwasher, you may call for Thermador appliance repair services.
  • Schedule appliance maintenance checks. Since your appliances don’t come cheap and you can consider them as investments for your home, giving them the routine checkup they need to help ensure they are still functioning properly is your duty as well. The efficiency of your appliances may be affected by several factors, and having a professional check on your machines can help avoid further problems.

Basically, proper use and regular cleaning of appliances can help you cut the need for appliance repair services. When you find yourself in need of it though, going for the services of reputable providers is a must to get the most value out of your money.

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