Washing machine troubleshooting

Washing machine troubleshooting

Automatic washers are getting very advanced and are difficult to diagnose. Many of new washers have electronic controls that set water temperature, type of wash to be done, second rinse and more. However they all share the same problems. The most common problems are:

The Washer won’t pump out

First check for a kinked drain hose. The pump can’t force the water through a kink so it will stay in the tub. If the motor doesn’t start you may have a bad lid switch or other mechanical problems. If the motor runs and the drain is okay you cloud have a jammed pump or broker belt. For this type of problem you will need to call an appliance repair company as this one it difficult to repair yourself. Get here some tips how to choose right appliance repair service.

Washer shuts off:

Some water pumps out then washer stops. Some models have a cool-down during the permanent press cycle. Before the wash cycle is done, it will pump ort about half the water and then pause for a minute or two, then start filling with cold water. This is an automatic function and is normal.

Wet clothes:

Water in the bottom of the washer when it shuts off: check the drain in your sink. Does it drain very slowly? If it does, then look at the washer drain hose. If it extends to the bottom of the sink, the water can siphon through the hose back to the washer.  You will have to clean the drain or raise the end of the drain hose, so the end of it is not the water.

Water keeps running:

Again, check your drain hose. The end could be too low and cause the water to siphon out of the washer. Laying it on the floor can do the same thing. If you have a standpipe, the hose could be pushed too far down inside. Without an air break the water will siphon into the house plumbing. In both cases the water is entering the washer and emptying out at the same time.

Water enters very slow:

First, check the pressure in the other areas of the house to see if it’s also low. If it is then you can’t help the washer. If the pressure is normal every place else then you can check out the washer very easily. First, find the faucets where the full hoses are screwed on. Shut the water off and remove the hoses. Check the ends of the hoses for a screen. If it’s dirty clean it and replace the hose on the faucet. If you find no screens, take the other end of the hoses of the valve located on the washer and look inside. There you will find screens. Use a small rubber syringe and flush the screen with water.  If they do not come clean , then try a small brush. If you must remove the screens, be very careful. Because if you bend them they will not go back in straight. Be sure you mark the hoses and return them to the same place you removed them.



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