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Gas range repair tips

Gas range repair tips

Many of the most common problems with modern appliances are the result of faulty installation which may not be recognized until after the warranty had expired. Other problems develop from a lack of normal maintenance on certain appliances. Most appliances today are technologically advanced and are hard to understand for repair purposes. Even the directions for how to use them sometimes confusing. A well-trained technician can explain the ins and outs of using and programming most appliances. If you don’t understand how to do the programmings then call for a qualified technician.

The gas range is another appliance that has become technologically advanced in recent years. Many of the control are electronic and hard to diagnose. It takes a lot of training to properly diagnose and repair many of the new models.

Before buying a gas range in the store ask the sales person to show you how to operate it, what all of the control are for, are the written operation instruction easy to follow. Also ask about the warranty. What is covered and for how long. Take as much time as you need before you buy. Make sure you understand how to operate it. And ask yourself if you need to extra control, or gadgets. Make sure you will be satisfied with your new appliance before you make you purchase. That is, make sure it meets you need. Caution: Price alone should not be the major criteria when purchasing your appliance. Ask whether the store services the merchandise it sells. Always try to go to a dealer that has a good reputation and one that provides parts and services. If you must have your appliance repaired, call a service company with a good reputation. Chances are you will get good, honest and guaranteed service. When in doubt about the reputation of any company, call your local Better Business Bureau first.

Most common gas range issues and simple solutions:

Gas range burners won’t light

If you have the electronic ignition and it does not spark when you turn the knob, then check the outlet to be sure you have power to the range. Plug a lamp or a toaster in to see if it works. Power is OK? When you cleaned your range the last time did you remove the knobs and the cams under the knobs? If you did, then check to see if you put the cams back on the wrong way. If you did, the igniter can’t work. Remember how they go back on so you will not have the problem in the future. If you can hear the spark then the knob is turned but the burner won’t ignite, you most likely have a pilot hole plugged up. Remove the burner and look real closely on the side towards the spark unit and look for a small holes or orifice. If it is plugged up, then clean it very carefully. Do not use a toothpick because it could break off inside the hole, or orifice. Instead use a straight pin or needle. Wash it out with soap and water, dry it completely, then re-install the burner and try again. If you have a standing pilot and the burner won’t ignite, clean the burner as described above.

Oven won’t come on

First check the outlet (as described above). Got power? Check the clock setting and follow directions for manual operation. It should come on. If not you may need appliance repair service, as an igniter or sensor may be bad.

If you must call for service, than have the stove top clean and everything out of the oven. Give the service technician plenty of rooms to work and have it reasonable clean.  Make sure you follow these advices to choose quality appliance repair company in you area.

gas rangegas range burners


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